Thursday, August 20, 2009


The dynamic production duo, C. Sharp & B . Major of Heavy In The Streets Production have emerged as one of Canada's most creative and inspiring elite producers. Born Christopher Morris and Brian Burnside, these two young producers have erupted onto the hip-hop scene.

Their love for music, in correspondence with their hardworking life style fuelled the fire that ignited them to start their own production company. The talent that they had, even only after their first year of producing (2005) was blatantly evident. The potential that they truly had was not realized by the two until 2006.

During the next two years of their lives C. Sharp and B. Major spent building the necessary foundation of their company while learning to master the art of their craft, music production.

The versatility that the producers have is shown by the fact that they are not at all one dimensional. They are able to produce any type of track within the genres of Hip-hop and R&B. And unlike most producers to day, are able to produce tracks with a concept and feel behind it.

Music is their life! C. Sharp and B. Major have been blessed with the opportunities that they have been given to express themselves through the art of music.

Finally, the company launched in the summer of 2008 with one goal: to supply both upcoming and situated artists with high quality, A&R certified, and industry ready Hip-Hop Beats.

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